Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shadow and Illusion Art

These contemporary or postmodern artists have developed a technique to demonstrate their creativity through working something out of immaterial pieces of metal scraps or, to put it bluntly, junk – and cast awe-inspiring shadows by combining art and illusion – darkness and light.

Although this may not be entirely new, this could only be done perfectly by real talented artists who see way beyond the physical and visual attributes of things utilized to create shadow art or as the pioneering optical illusion and shadow artist Shigeo Fukuda refers to as shadow sculpture.

Lunch with a Helmet On 1987, uses 848 forks, knives, and spoons

This one of Fukuda’s more famously known works and is based on an earlier concept Fukuda exhibited in his 1965 show “Toys and Things Japanese.

While it is evident that Fukuda used clamps and cutlery for his artworks, the Londoners Tim Noble and Sue Webster attempted to make use of amassed rubbish and light directed towards the heaps of trash to create peculiar shadow images on the wall – and became known for its impressive outcome.

Dirty White Trash (with gulls) 1998, uses six months’ worth of the artists’ rubbish

Real Life is Trash 2002, uses two separate piles of general household rubbish onto which a light is projected, creating a shadow self-portrait of Noble and Webster

Kiss of Death 2003

He/she 2003, is two different shadows from the same sculpture from different angles

Unknown artist

Fred Eerdekens thought of clothing, carton boxes, steel (copper and aluminum) and Styrofoam to mold shadows in an astounding manner – a style distinctive of his own.

Holy Spirit Come Home 1997

Could Suggest Something 1999

Words Gone 2005

Kumi Yamashita is another Japanese artist who uses shadow for her art, but as you can see, she too has a distinct style.

This art form has made an appearance in a TV Ad too. "Shadows" John Lewis Christmas Ad 2007

The performing arts too have their own take to this (middle of video)

What of Fukuda? He's gone on to other styles:

On the right, you will see a strange construction made out of piano parts, which cast the reflection of a perfect piano when seen from one special viewpoint.


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